Your digital smart assistant

Innovative device for home improving the
quality of life - yours and the loved ones

The product

QLKa is an intelligent device that can become our every day digital companion. She can help you be on schedule, provide you with latest news on your favourite topics, give your house true intelligence through management of your smart devices - upon your voice commands and intelligently on her own.

In simple terms she helps to organize our lives, cares about the health and safety of our loved ones and finally helps us to save on energy bills and heating.


Health & Wellbeing

We know how hard is to stay in contact with our the senior members of our family. QLKa gives us the sense of their security and well being by reporting if anything goes wrong - person’s fall, abnormal heart rate or deviation from routine behavioural patterns.


Knowing that everything is ok with our loved ones gives QLKa the opportunity to improve the frequency of our digital contacts with them. QLKa can remind us to consider calling our loved ones and take care of the connection without the need to pick up the phone. If the person allows QLKa can share with us if the person is close to it on the other end, making the calling suggestion more intense.

Smart Home/Energy/Security

When smart devices are concerned QLKa changes the paradigm of our interaction with them. It enables us to control them with our voice or controls them itself based on detected pattern of use or to achieve savings in energy or heating bills.

The Assistance

QLKa is „Hands free” digital assistant keeping track of task, important dates, and traffic info to make sure we get to our office in time. It can not only manage our shopping lists of missing goods but it can also automate the purchase of them.


QLKa can make more out of our short moments, we are hanging around her. It can deliver short, valuable and personalised multimedia content. QLKa can also sell us premium e-learning content to maximise our growth potential.

For operators


QLKa represents enormous opportunity for Telco/Utility Operators.
We offer customisation services resulting in operator owning the entire QLKa ecosystem enabling them to:

  • Profit from sales of operator’s branded QLKa devices
  • Utilise actionable analytics of user generated data
  • Sell its own new products and services
  • Sell the 3rd party services

About us

QLKa is a product spin-off from Softline Polska. Softline delivers innovative software solutions and system integration services on polish market. We specialise in mobile solutions, high data volume processing systems and software defined data centre solutions.

Key Team Members

Mateusz Radziszewski
Adam Kuźmiński
Pawel Merchelski